Tik Tok-Modern Day Madhubala , you will also become a fan after watching the video

Tik Tok- Modern Day Madhubala Video

Tik Tok- Modern Day Madhubala Video Going Viral

Latest top affair news: sharing platform TikTok is very popular among the youth. Here, more than one great video users upload. Here today we are telling you about the video of one such TikTok user who shares the video made in the style of ‘Madhubala’ on the big screen in the 60s.

This user named Priyanka Kandwal shares the video while acting on the songs of ‘Madhubala‘. Thousands of likes and hundreds of comments come on his videos.

Priyanka has also made a video on one such song ‘Saj-e-dil teh dee, kya haseen raat hai …. Want nothing, tu agar saath hai’.( ‘साज-ए-दिल छेड़ दे, क्या हसीं रात है….कुछ नहीं चाहिए, तू अगर साथ है’ ) There are more than a thousand likes on this song.

Priyanka looks like Madhubala in her video. She shares most of the video in black and white view, leaving the viewers behind the times.

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